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Strangeness in Leeds

 Strangeness in Leeds


Mick Mclaren


Following on from one of my blogs, (Padfoot in Leeds) at the bottom of the article there is an account by another member of the British Bigfoot research team Deborah Singleton, which she wrote in her own words. After putting this at the end of my article I thought It would be interesting to meet and talk to Deborah, so I got in touch.

I sent Deborah a message and explained who I was and how I came across her account of the sighting she had written about, and out of this we decided on a day to meet and chat and go and visit some of the places mentioned.

The first time we met Deborah she was waiting on a bench in the car park for me and Carolan (my partner) to arrive. I got out of the car to help push, with a couple of others, a car that had broken down whilst my partner found a parking spot. It was such a sunny and warm day, the place we had chosen to meet was quite busy.

We sat and chatted on the bench for a little before moving on to one of the places of interest. I spoke of my interest in ley lines and finding connections with crypto creatures and paranormal happenings and even spoke of the UFO phenomenon, we both chatted about our experiences in mediumship, and one experience which made her feel uncomfortable. Deborah was in a class doing medium development, in meditating she felt like she was overlooking the circle and it made her feel uncomfortable. Her teacher at the time noticed this and asked her if she wanted to sit somewhere else within the circle which she did, only to feel a presence enter into her after moving a second time into another chair.

We then spoke about the encounter where Deborah was returning home from a trip to a friend’s, when

she was not far from home she saw a very tall, shaggy, Brown or black covered shape that stepped out onto the road when she had looked behind her through the rear view mirror. Terrified at the time she drove past it without looking in its direction because she felt that she might die if she did.

After our chat and sit down we then decided to move on to one of the places we had been talking about, which was not far from our location.

This place we headed to was on a lane next to a crematorium in Rawdon, which at one time was a temple belonging to the Order of the Golden Dawn. The hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn(Latin:  ordo hermeticus aureae; or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn (Aurora Aurea)) was a secret society devoted to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics and paranormal activities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1898 Alistair Crowley joined the Order where he was trained in ceremonial magic. From my research I have not come across any connection with Alistair Crowley

        Aiwass     Alistair Crowley
ever visiting this lodge in Leeds, but my research is still ongoing. I do know that in 1904 in Cairo, Egypt Crowley claimed to have channelled information  from a supernatural entity named Aiwass, who provided him with The Book of the Law, a sacred text that served as a basis for his religion Thelema. Announcing the start of the aeon of Horus, the book declared that its followers should “Do what thou wilt” and seek to align themselves with their true will through the practice of magick. Also, it is said that when Crowley bought Boleskin House on the shores of Loch Ness he commenced in performing a ritual to summon demons. So, with the summoning of demons and the ideas of Crowley, who knows what was going on in the lodge in Rawdon at the time the Order of the Golden Dawn worshiped there. Perhaps they summoned entities themselves that are sometimes spotted in this area of Leeds like the one Debbie saw not far from the lodge.

We pulled up at the other side of the road from the crematorium, as we walked down the lane toward the lodge, we seemed to hit a pocket of energy that made us feel almost dizzy and we all had the same feeling of our ears popping like when your at a high altitude. We walked past a small house that made Deborah comment on how creepy it was, and she wound not like to live there. We pass the entrance and came to the gate of the lodge which has now fallen into the hands of another religious group called The White Eagle Lodge, which received its teachings through channelling from White Eagle to Grace Cooke who was a medium.

Grace Cooke

 The White Eagle Lodge teaches:

That God, the Eternal Spirit, is both Father and Mother.

That the Son, the Cosmic Christ, is also the Light which shines in the human heart. By reason of this divine Sonship, all are brothers and sisters in spirit, a brother/sisterhood which embraces all life visible and invisible.

The expression of these principles in daily life, through service.

The awareness of the invisible world, which bridges separation and death and reveals the eternal unity of life.

That life is governed by five cosmic laws: Reincarnation, Cause and Effect, Opportunity, Correspondences, Compensation (Equilibrium and Balance).

That the ultimate goal of humankind is that the inner light should become so strong and radiant that even the cells of the physical body are transmuted into finer substances which can overcome mortality. This is known as the Christing of the human being, or, in the words of the ancient Brotherhood, the blooming of the Rose upon the Cross of matter.


When you look at the words in the teachings of number 6. in the words of the ancient Brotherhood, and the blooming of the Rose upon the Cross of matter.

We then start getting info on freemasonry and connections to the Order of the Golden Dawn which brings me to conclude, same group different name.

Here is a link to the White Eagle lodge website, you can make your own mind up.      https://www.whiteagle.org/who-we-are/principles


White Eagle Lodge

We looked around the grounds of the lodge peering through the windows not noticing anything out of the ordinary only the feeling of oppressed energies. After closing the gate, we stepped out and carried on walking down the lane. There is a wall on the left as you walk down with a wooded area which seems to give off a sense of drawing you to look over, we did look over the wall as we walked until we reached another lodge which was someone’s home. As we stopped to look around the path, we all smelt what was a strong musty smell coming from around the wall opposite the lodge but did not find the source. We walked further until we reached the bottom of the lane where Deborah mentioned there used to be a mill where now stands a new housing estate, at this point we started to talk about another experiences Deborah had, she recalled that she was out with her husband on the motorbike around Selby when she looked through a break in the hedge and saw an Orangutan coloured animal crouched down scooping up water in its hands, she said the thing was as big as a bull and was not a farm animal plus its hair was too orange and long to be anything she recognized.

flattened wild garlick

We then headed back up the lane, to our right we saw a couple of posts that used to be a gate and had an urge to enter and walk the path, at that point we rested in that area to see if we could pick up on any of the strange energies that seemed to be emitting in this area. Carrying on back we walked up to the White Eagle Lodge where I headed back to take some photos in and around the building, as I shut the gate behind me on the way out both Deborah and Carolan were looking over the wall down onto a clearing were there was a lot of wild garlic that had been flatten as if by cattle lying down on it,

 but I know that the field in question is not a cattle field. Carrying on up the lane we could hear noises coming from the wooded area on our right, but when we looked, we could not see anything within the trees. After five minutes we moved on to the cemetery at the top of the lane for a peaceful rest before heading back to our homes.



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Ley Lines & the Paranormal


Ley Lines & the Paranormal

Mick Mclaren

I am often asked, "what are Ley Lines"?

My reply is Ley Lines are Lines of supernatural energy that crisscross around the Earth, these crossings are at points where sacred sites and the land is naturally formed, most of the lines have five or more sites within them. The sites range from Holy springs, stone circles, barrows, and cairns.

I do believe our ancient ancestors new of these lines and used them as means of traveling along and worshipping on them by building monuments.

The term Ley Line was coined by Alfred Watkins in 1920, he described them as channels of force which flowed through the ground, he also believed that places like Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge were places which had nodes where mysterious energies could be tapped into.

In my younger days I had encountered many strange events on ley lines, which at the time I did not know anything about them or could not explain the feeling I was picking up and the things I had witnessed at these locations.

On one occasion I had an experience not far from where I lived. I was in my early 20’s at the time and had headed over to pick up a prescription from a local chemist. It was on the way back; I had chosen to take a path that lead to a bridge over the river to Hall I’th Wood museum. The museum started life as a rich merchant’s home during the mid- 17th century. Years later the building was split into several rented dwellings and, whilst living in one of these with his family, Samuel Crompton famously invented the Spinning Mule in 1779. I was walking up the old cobbled lane passing what was an old kitchen area of the old Tudor building towards a road called Green Way. I started feeling cold even though it was a lovely warm summers day and had a sense that someone was watching me, I looked up to a door to my right I saw a middle aged woman dressed in a Tudor style outfit looking in my direction. My first thought was they must be filming something, which regularly occurred with the BBC and other film companies around the museum. I said “hello” as I walk past, she just carried on looking in my direction, which really freaked me out. I carried on and started feeling a little warmer and less nervous before turning round to see she had vanished, I looked around to see that
there was not a single person around, and the museum was closed.

Not knowing at the time but knowing now after many years that a Ley Line that Alfred Watkins talked about in one of his books, was one of the first recorded Ley Lines in Lancashire that runs through Worsley Old Hall, Great Lever Hall, Hall I’th wood and Cheetham Close Stone Circle on Turton Heights. 

After years of research I have come across people reporting all sort of phenomenon pertaining to Ley Lines, which connect to folklore creatures like trolls, boggarts, elves, fairies, goblins and pixies, and also cryptids such as Bigfoot, Dog men (werewolves) and Black Shuck the demon dog that haunts burial mounds and graveyards. Also, ghostly white lady forms, UFO’s, and other strange lights. 

Perhaps with all the activity we have surrounding the unexplainable events, we could almost think that these lines could be areas of a thin veil that is connecting over other dimensions of reality, which is somehow letting these other worldly creatures into our reality. With so much paranormal activity in the world that people encounter, it could be possible that other realms do exist especially when we start to look at the events of people who mysteriously disappear without a trace. Some whose family members who turn their backs for a minute and then turn to find their loved ones gone.

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Padfoot of Leeds

Padfoot of Leeds

Mick Mclaren

After reading a post from secret Leeds online, which helped me to come across a news article from the Yorkshire evening post “Woman's shock after capturing photo of ghost dog which haunts Roundhay Park” By Susie Beever. Monday, 8th April 2019, 11:57 am Link. I thought that would be interesting to investigate. Looking at Ley Lines I find that most sightings of the paranormal seem to be on or around the lines.

But first “what is Padfoot?” well in his book The Ghost World T.F. Tiselton Dyer says he is described as ‘large, shaggy, and black, with long ears and tail. It does not belong to any species of living dogs, but is said to represent a hound, a setter, a terrier, or a shepherd dog, though often larger than a Newfoundland.’


In other county’s he has different names such as In Lancashire he’s known as Trash or Striker. In Norfolk and Cambridgeshire it’s Shuck or Black Shuck and is said to haunt churchyards and other lonely places.
In Leeds there is of course Padfoot who is said to be the size of a small donkey, long shaggy hair and large red eyes like saucers. This maybe compared to the Barguest, Bahrgeist, or Boguest of Northumberland and Durham.

It is said there was a Barguest seen in Headingly Hill, Leeds. On knowing this we decided to head over and have a look around. But before I tell you about that I’ll let you know of our first adventure out over at Roundhay Park were the photo of the Barguest was taken that was in the newspaper.

We got there one Thursday afternoon about one o’clock and started walking over to the Victorian Folly near to Waterloo Lake a good ten minutes from the carpark we had chosen. We did stop off to have ice cream, like you do when visiting a park on a lovely autumn day. As we walked along the lake with not many other visitors around we got to a part of the lake down near the Folly and started picking up on energies we usually feel when out Ley hunting,

which at the time I didn’t know of any in the Roundhay area. We got our dowsing rods and pick up a Ley which headed towards the area of the Folly. I took some photos of the surrounding trees and shrubs and the Folly itself, and then marked on Google maps the line in which we had walked. That day we weren’t lucky, or some might say unlucky to see any sign of Padfoot. But having found what might be a Ley Line in the search for a Barguest we had hit the jackpot. When we had returned home, I started researching the ancient sites that could possibly be in line with the area in the park. As suspected it linked up to one sight I had just written in to an article on at Adel Woods Link and off over to more than one sight on Ilkley Moor.

We didn’t get started until after the new year 2020 on the other Padfoot sighting in Headingly Hill which ended up being a quick look round because of the cold and wet weather that day. We parked not far from Hyde park off Headingly Lane, soon as we got out of the car, we felt like we were in the right place. Even though the rain was light it was very cold, we looked around and both felt we needed to look in the church yard across from were we parked up, and it was a quick look with a strong feeling of a Ley Line going through the back of the church which was closed at that time. We headed back to the car to look at our maps, and bingo we were on the Ley line that crossed at Adel wood going up to the three henges at Thornborough.

  So many accounts from one city in the United Kingdom, with accounts going back to the 1800's What is going on? Why do some people see these entities and others don't?

So if you ever find yourself in Leeds and hear the noise of foot pads behind you and look around, perhaps you might be lucky or unlucky enough to bump into Padfoot himself.

Thornborough Henge

Not very far from Headingly is a place called Rodley, were there is a very recent sighting of another kind of hairy encounter by a British bigfoot Research member.


This Witness Report is in the words of the witness herself. Deborah Singleton is happy to be named..

My Hubby and I were visiting friends about 50 miles away at the other side of York. I was the designated driver, so I was on soft drinks all evening. It was around 1:30am when we set off home - Hubby was rather inebriated, so he fell asleep 5 minutes into the journey! Along the A64 home, the fog was rolling in off the fields, in large thick patches, which would suddenly clear. I was wide awake and I didn't feel in the least bit tired. The rest of the journey was relatively trouble free, although I did have a rather nagging feeling of unease, which I just couldn't explain. I wondered if it was because the roads were lonely, I had no-one to chat to, as my husband was still fast asleep and I just had the radio on for company. The unease continued, with no real explanation, until we were around 7 miles from home; the time was approaching 2-30am. The feeling lifted a bit as I knew we were nearly home. It was almost relief. Until I got to Horsforth roundabout. This was around 02-45am. As I started the approach down the hill, to Rodley, I began to feel overwhelmingly terrified.

The nearer I got to the dip in the valley, the more the panic was rising. There was no explanation for this at all. I tried to wake my husband, with no success. I tried to get a grip of myself, to no avail. There were no cars around at all, in fact, when I thought back, I hadn't seen another car on the road in either direction, for at least three quarters of an hour. With the sheer terror beginning to escalate, I was almost at the bridge when I "saw" it. (I say "saw" because I didn't dare look at it directly; I had the overwhelming feeling that if I looked at it, I would die). Stood at the side of the road and looking directly at me, was a very tall, shaggy, brown or black, fur covered shape. At my estimation, 'it' must have stood over 2m tall, and 'it' was around 1.2m wide, with no visible limbs or eyes that I could see, but I sensed that the eyes were there somewhere, as I could feel them boring into the car.

Needless to say, I had to get away from this "thing", so I accelerated away from 'it'. As I passed where 'it' was standing, I stared straight ahead, not daring to look left. I looked back in the rear view mirror, to see "it" step off the kerb and into the road where I had just driven. By the time I reached our house, I was panic stricken, I needed to get in and lock the door. My husband couldn't understand what was wrong with me. I explained what had happened, but he said that it was probably a tree and my mind was playing tricks on me! I knew what I had seen and it was no tree. How could a tree make me so scared and step out into the road? The next morning, in the cold light of day and with a sense of apprehensive curiosity, I decided to drive back and see if there had been a tree there. But as I suspected, there was nothing there that I could have misinterpreted. The story doesn't quite end there. . .

I decided to research and write the book a few months later, the book was about people’s paranormal experiences in my area. I'd placed an advert and had a feature in our local paper; including my horror story and asking for people to write in to me. I had a lot of response, mainly UFO sightings. But then one day, I opened a letter that made my blood run cold. A young man wrote to me, to say that he worked at a supermarket a couple of miles away, on the twilight shift, between 8pm and 2am. He frequently walked home, the last third of his journey passed the end of my street and down into the village. Around 400 metres from my house, is our village church, which is opposite a row of shops. As he had approached the church, he saw two figures crouching in the middle of the road. He slowed down to almost a stop. There were no cars around at all. At first, the figures didn't appear to notice the young man. He said they made no sound. Then they looked up at him, stood up and walked away towards the shops and around the back of them. He followed them round a few seconds later and they had gone. The figures he described were exactly the same as the one I had seen that night on the drive home! I have no idea what I saw or what the young man saw, but the terror that event caused me, will stay with me forever.

Looking back I'm so glad I was in the car now! I don't know if I would have coped with the event if I'd encountered 'it' on foot. The area I saw 'it' in has apparently had some similar reports from people who have heard weird noises, someone else reported seeing a furry thing (someone suggested that it was the ghost of a monk dressed in animal furs, as Kirkstall Abbey is just down the road). Apparently, I think it was on Dogmen Encounters that Vic read a report from a woman in Rawdon, which very near the location of my encounter and she said she had to swerve the car to avoid hitting a Dogman.

The other thing that creeps me out a bit, is that hidden down a lane in Rawdon, is a temple, belonging to the Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley's invention. It is said he used to conjure demons and entities in the building there. This ties in for me with The Bempton RAF base and the strange tales of a satanic cult, and all manner of strange things happen down on the Base and the Cliffs. Makes you wonder if there's something in that? People say it can't be a flesh and blood creature, or it's interdimensional. That thing I saw was definitely solid. I 100% believe these things exist, I just don't know how!

As a side note, I have always been scared of what would be termed werewolves, ever since I can remember. This must be some sort of genetic memory, as I wasn't exposed to horror films as a child, because my family wasn't into them. Bramham is about 10 to 15 miles from me and I'm sure there was another report from out that way. The report Deborah is referring to is the report made by a gentleman out walking his dog one evening, when a huge hairy humanoid figure stepped out of the trees and into the path in front of him.

Original LINK

“They were usually referred to as ‘Padfoot’ in Leeds though. Bob Trubshaw’s excellent book ‘Explore Black Dogs’ relates that a man called Nichols, writing in 1828, said :-
‘Leeds has it’s distinct Padfoots, distinguishable one from another (as I am told), for almost every street’.

Strangeness in Leeds

  Strangeness in Leeds By Mick Mclaren      https://mickmclaren.webs.com/ Following on from one of my blogs, ( Padfoot in Leeds ) at the bot...

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